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MOBENO Solar Solutions

Welcome to MOBENO Solar Solutions! We are proud to offer an innovative and cutting-edge solution for indoor air quality. for your Home Attic, Garage  , Shed and other remote buildings you spend your time in. Our ventilation system uses the latest technologies to provide optimal air circulation, all while utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly Green energy. Invest in a solution that's made in North Carolina, USA and enjoy healthy and refreshing air in your building.

Start breathing better today.

Zula Ventilation

Garage Doors, Sheds, Attic, and other remote building / rooms suffer from insufficient Ventilation, Humidity, Odors and overall Air Quality issues throughout the year.

The Zula solution is here to resolve those concerns with our unique design, powerful fans and Green Energy powered innovation!

Choose your application of the Zula!

Garage Door Window Ventilation
Zula Shed-Exterior View
Attic Ventilation
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