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Zula Ventilation

Garage Doors, Sheds, Attic, and other remote building / rooms suffer from insufficient ventilation, humidity, odors and overall Air Quality issues throughout the year.

The Zula solution is here to resolve those concerns with our unique design, powerful fans and Green Energy innovation!

Image by Annie Spratt


Temperature control, balanced Air flow improving room temperatures and Air Circulation

Solar Panels on Roof


All Black Solar power Energy, green energy, let the sun do its magic

Forest Road


Humidity improvement to allow room breathing and livable space 

Globalization concept


*Smart phone application allows monitoring and control from anywhere 



Extremally powerful fans, don't let the looks fool you.

Compact and Powerful!

Green Pattern

In-Building Allergens 

Balanced air circulation prevents Mold particles settling and growth of In-Buildings Allergens 

The Zula Solution developed for the Garage Doors, Shed, Attic's and other remote Building!

Solar powered Ventilation using very powerful fans to create balanced air circulation in and out of the room

Unique and simple design to implement within each application makes it a great improvement to any Building, Room, living or Storage space.


Garage Door Window Ventilation

Garage Door Window replacement 

Shed Ventilation
Shed front view replacing the gable vent

Shed / Barn Application 

Shed fan green energy
Attic fan solar
Patent Pending

How Does it work?

Zula Ventilation fans
Solar Panel

Garage Door?

Replace your garage windows with the Zula unit by removing the glass insert and mount the Zula in the same place

Solar Panel

Shed / Attic / Barn?

Remove your Gable vent and mount the Zula unit using the same mounting screws

Fan hole Is 7x15

Zula attic Ventilation fan
How it works


Garage Door Install
The Zula Front Solar Panel mounted

The Zula Unit

Smart Air Filter Optional

Garage door Window 

Shed Gable vent location

Solar Panel 


Solar Energy Ventilation at its Best 

Your Garage / Shed / Barn, Green house and other remote building is well prepared for your return,

perfectly set to whatever makes you most comfortable 

The Zula view from with in the garage door or Shed

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