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Grow your repeat business by reaching to your customers with a unique, innovative ventilation solution!

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Shed Builders

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The Zula inside the garage view

Garage Doors

Garage doors business owners can offer the Zula solution to any garage door homeowner with window's. to replace the window with the Zula system as part of the normal maintenance package or yearly maintenance to grow the relationship


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The Zula Shed Exterior view

Shed's / Barn's /Attic's

Shed builders offer the Zula solution as an active ventilation solution, replacing the gable vent, using the same placement cutting a 15x7 hole for the fans at the build stage, assembly stage on site or as an after market solution add on.

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Remote building air improvement solution

Remote Building

The Zula solution is unique in its solar powered and very powerful fan combination allow any remote building and remote room to be integrated in that building from chicken coop, Porta potty, play rooms, tree houses and much more.

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The Zula inside the garage view
The Zula inside the garage view
The Zula front of the garage view
Shed Builder Show

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